Paris Texas



When the refined parisian elegance meets the harshness of Texas. The brand Paris Texas translate the union of these distant places in shoes collection where the sexy and sophisticated style of the ville lumière and the strong heels from the state of Chilly coexist.


Despite its International name Paris Texas' founder Annamaria Brivio has italian origins. After her Management & Economy studies she understood that her love for fashion was the way and she decide to work as a buyer for the most well know multibrand and department stores of the world. As an insider she found out a women shoes market gap, there were no brand to propose a glamorous and comfortable shoe to be worn day and night. Annamaria particulary focused on boots, the winter best seller shoes category, which were proposed to the clients only “for occasions”. Annamaria mission was to make a product that goes over the dinstincition between working wardrobe and leisure wardrobe, Paris Texas boots express this concept perfectly and they have been worn by the celebs styled with jeans during the day and with sexy dress for night events.


Paris Texas’ woman is dynamic, confident and easy, she has a personal style, very well recognizable and determinated, that’s why shoes are made for emphatizing the personality not for defining it. Paris Texas collections are made in italy with a special care for materials and construition. The distintive feature and the lymf of all the collections is the color – expecially pink, that become a symbol of the brand – but also precious textures and sparkling applications such rinestones.


Today the brand has many “It girls” between its followers among them: Emily Ratajkowski, Mary J Blige,Hailey Bieber, Dua Lipa e Dakota Johnson. Paris Texas brand wants to promote the shrinkage of our shoes wardrobe in favor of those which can be worn for more than one occasion and that last in time, for style and quality.