Marcelo Burlon



From Patagonia to the most cool Milanese club consolles, Marcelo Burlon is the face of one of the most clear economic success of the last decade with his brand County of Milan.


Marcelo Burlon was born in El Bolsòn Patagonia. Since he was a teenager he demonstrated ambition and business talent, this is why he interrupted the studies to follow his family in Italy. The small region of Marche on the Adriatic sea didn’t satify Marcelo’s ambitions, so he decided to move to Milan where he frequented music corse for show business. This is how Marcelo Burlon pr and dj golden carreer in the most exclusive clubs in Milan started. There he met and hang out with the most important designer such Riccardo Tisci, Raf Simons and Stefano Gabbana.


In 2012 his consolidated social status reached a level that permitted him to begin his own path in fashion system. So he founded, together with Davide De Giglio and Claudio Antonioli the brand Marcelo Burlon County of Milan. With its strong street style influence, the brand di Marcelo Burlon debuted with a t-shirts collection and other basic items with Patagonian tribal patterns printed around the neck and shoulders. In few times those garments became a must have for the young club lovers. The visionary thought of Marcelo Burlon pushes him to get interested in the new rap singers to create hype on its brand, this american-like strategy was new for a country like Italy in which rap singer were not considered a vehicle for luxury brand communication. Marcelo Burlon and his partners made a step forward giving life to the New Guards Group Holding which owns brand such as Off-White, Palm Angels, Alanui, Ambush - and that recently has been bought by Farfetch.


Marcelo Burlon County of Milan power is the fusion between, not only geographically but also socially different cultures that give life to a bridge between fashion system and street style.