From the Greek χαίτη, which means “long and flowing hair” Khaite is the must have brand for those who want to wear sophisticated clothes that go beyond the current trend, prefering a classic taste and an extreme devotion to luxury fabrics.


Catherine Holstein, the founder born in New York, moved with her family to Connecticut and then San Diego, to come back to her city at eighteen years old. After some experiences in diffetents fashion maison like GAP and Vera Wang, she decided to start her own business.


In 2016 she founded her personal brand together with the business man Adam Pritzker and the designer and consultant Vanessa Traina, creating the perfect entourage. Nel 2019 she wins the prestigious “Emerging talents of the year” awarded by the Council of fashion designer of America. In the same year the brand Khaite is on everyone’s lips thanks to the most powerful form of advertising of the last decade: a street style shoot of Katie Holmes – ex “girl next door” of a famous tv show of the early 2000s – in which she wears the matching cachemire bralette and cardigan set, while calling a cab in the busy New York streets. Since that shoot, which goes around the world, the bralette continues to go out of stock becoming a Khaite carryover that the design department presents every season in different hues.


In each Khaite item prevails armonious proportions, designing obsession that makes no compromises on luxury materials such as cachemire, tullé or the smooth silk of shirts and dresses.


This ingredients mix, where nothing is left to chance, restores to the gaze a product without imperfections. Classic garments to preserve forever in your wardrobe.