During ‘70ies a man full of hungry cuoriosity made possible the meeting between east and west, making the brand Kenzo the reference point for men and women who care about style and trend without sacrificing some extravaganza.


The brand’s founder, Kenzo Takada moved during ‘60ies from Japan to Paris to design collection for other maison. In 1970 Kenzo inaugurated his very first boutique, the Jungle Jap, a sort of incubator of his vision to the world which match style, east symbolism and bright colors with french street culture. Kenzo strongly succeded in global fashion landscape, he stand out from the other brands for its unique style at affordable price.


Nel 1999 Kenzo Takada left the maison direction of the homonimum maison, giving way to many creative directors that weren't able to carry on his vision. From 2003 to 2009 the brand was directed by the italian Antonio Marras who embrace the phylosophy of prints and east symbolism but the brand still reached the niche. After Marras departure Humbert Leon and Carol Lim, arrived at Kenzo’s direction. The two were founders of Opening Cerimony, a brand which walked a similar path than Kenzo Takada made two decades before. They started from the famous Jungle Jap to rebuilt the missing identity of the brand’s founder, upgrading the strategy at 360 degrees: from the Tiger symbol printed on sweatshirts and t-shirts becoming the new logo, to communication and real collaborations established with the streetwear brands such as Vans. Between the celebrities who love Kenso we find: Beyonce; Rihanna and Selena Gomez. In 2021, a year after his founder lost, Kenzo’s creative direction was given to Guru Nigo and that is the beginning of a new Kenzo Experience.


Kenzo wanted to design “happy” clothes: with this adjective he meant colored, full of freedom and with an International taste. He succeded, proudly conquering his space in the history of fashion.