N°21 was founded by Alessandro dell’Acqua who, after a carreer full of success and turtuosity, reach the status of worldwide famous brand designer. Well-know to women for its sensual simple and accurate style.


Alessandro dell’Acqua graduates at the Accademy of Fine Arts of Naples and, after many collaborations with histical brand such as Les Copains, Pinaforini, La Perla, Brioni and Malo, in 1996 decided to found it’s own brand that carried his name. Due to the immediate success in 1998 he introduced the male collection and, two years later, accessories and eyewear collections. In 2007 Alessandro dell’Acqua abandoned its brand after some problems with the management of the brand property. Two years later he decided to get in the game and to found N.21.


The new brand mantain his style and aesthetic, his love for iconic actresses and and embroideries and also the care for feminine silhouettes but with a contemporary approach and a straight focus on daywear. N.21 woman collections are the result of a mix between sensual dresses and masculine cuts, perfect for the contemporay women according to Alessandro dell’Acqua’s view. Lace, frilled shirts and nude dresses are the designer signature, well placed at the end of each colleciton.


A huge part of N.21 success surely is Alessandro dell’Acqua intuition in creating something which wasn’t superficially cool, but something that reflects the contemporary woman daily life.