By Far



Timeless silhouette with a bold and gritty character, sustainability at the base of the supply chain, crown BY FAR one of the brands that have climbed the heights of success in the last 5 years, becoming the essential of the most famous celebrities in the world.


Born in 2015 from the courageous mind of three Bulgarian girls, Sabina Gyosheva, Denitsa Bumbarova and Valentina Bezuhanova, united by the awareness of the absence on the market of a comfortable and versatile shoe - but with a strong identity - the BY FAR brand fills the stylistic lack the fashion industry needed.


This merchandising intuition, combined with the sustainable approach and the very wise use of communication has allowed BY FAR to expand like an epidemic. The eccentric, but not too glamorous shots, have created a normcore storytelling that has conquered the social people arriving immediately to stylists and celebrities such as the Hadid sisters and Hailey Bibier.


The footwear design is identified with a vintage - modern style accompanied by a focus on the 90/2000 years; so mules, sandals and ankle boots tell us a story of mix and match of retro details and essentially modern shapes, as in the Lana and Freya models.


The intuition on footwear turned out to be equally visionary with the collection of BY FAR bags, also designed with an evident look at the 90s. The now iconic model, the Amber bag, with a design inspired by hobo bags, is proposed in glossy patent leather that fills a minimalist and elegant silhouette. BY FAR collection are dedicated to women with a fresh, cosmopolitan and dynamic personality who do not give up on comfort or style.