The Attico



The claim is easy but punchy: “Join us upstairs” , and it’s a perfect match for The Attico brand which embodies the crystal clear vision of the world of the two founders and IT girls: Gilda Ambrosio e Giorgia Tordini. The Attico collections are characterized by a continuous reference to a pop reinterpretation of vintage, with haute couture details.


The Attico brand was born in 2016 thanks to the minds of two young girls who hang out on glamour and fashion Milan's ambients. After just two years the brand was bought for its 49% by Archive fund, directed by Remo Ruffini. Gilda Ambrosio, was born in Naples by a welth family which own a fashion boutique. After the school she moved to Milan where she attended the prestigeous Marangoni fashion school. Giorgia Tordini, was born in Civitanova Marche in a family very well known to the fashion system from many years. Giorgia attended the IED (European Design Institute) obtaining a degree in Fashion Design.


Gilda and Giorgia have different styles, but the exuberance yet exhibistionist of the first one is naturally mixed with the chic minimalistic sobriety of the second one, to bring to life a perfectly balanced match. That is how shimmering dresses full of sequins was born, but also blazers and tailor cut suits, and sweatshirts and leggings for basic outfits. A special mentions goes to The Attico shoes, core business of the brand. The Attico sandals with their geometric heels are already iconics among celebrities and influencers.


The rapid and solid statement of The Attico is that the two designers are the first testimonials of their brand. The communication, the message and the brand’s style are not arteficial or results of long studies, it’s simply the reflection of their life, their values and the refined and glamorous style of Giorgia and Gilda.