Comme Des Garçons Wallet



The DNA of Comme Des Garçons brand is rebel, unconventional but the same time usefull and wearable. Fifty years ago the brand raided in the market writing new rules on commond aesthetic, becoming (and remaining) one of the most loved brand ever. 


Rei Kawacubo was born in Tokyo in 1942, here he studied letterature at Keio University. After a job exceprience in communicazion he decided, at the end of 60ies, to begin to work as a freelancer designer. He, then, founded its own brand Comme Des Garçons in 1969.

The name has nothing to do with the East, it means: “Like the guys do” and its symbolic of the sense of rebellion and conventional canon reversal that represent the brand values and DNA.   


This premises were espressed during the first Paris show in 1981 in which the pret-à-porter is revolutionary and unconventional thanks to the volumes disruption that don’t appear stricts as the fashion scene of the time demanded but deconstructed to enhance their wearability.

Kawacubo’s work is not only decostruction but also an avant garde vision on no gender fashion that actualize the brand even after fifty years from its birth.  


Today, CDG is loved woldwide as before, counting different lines such as:  


Comme Des Garçons Wallet includes all functional accessories of the brand. Comme Des Garçons wallet and small leather goods reflect the eccentric – but enjoyable – style of the brand, thanks to the geometric design with basics pattern (such the iconic macro polka dots wallet).


The brand Comme Des Garcons is a symbol of a rebellion path and an identity statement. As Rei Kawacubo said: “It's our job to question convention, if we don't take risks, then who will?