Marni collections are characterized by an eccentric and recognizable style, an articulated aesthetics, pure fusion of fashion and art.


Founded in 1994 by the Swiss Consuelo Castiglioni - already known for her contribution to fur design due to her husband's family business – the brand Marni was born as her personal project and business.


The brand is enriched by Marni meanswear collection in 2002, Marni jewels in 2003 up to Marni accessories in 2007. Among the accessories, the iconic Trunk bag re-proposed every season with new sparkling nuances in full Marni style.


Marni’s collections are marked by a funky style that manages to be creative but rigorous at the same time; the key element is color that bursts forcefully through juxtapositions of textures and geometric distortions that fill the garments with oversized cuts.


Consuelo Castiglioni pays a constant tribute to art, not only as inspiration, but with concrete operations that over the years have seen the involvement of internationally renowned artists such as the English Richard Prince and Gary Hume known for his abstract art characterized by surprising use of color.


In 2012 the brand was bought by the thriving OTB group headed by Renzo Rosso. After four years - in 2016 - Consuelo Castiglioni leaves the creative direction to the promising Francesco Risso, who is still in office. Francesco Risso has managed to keep alive the DNA infused by the founder by appropriating and rejuvenating it, thanks to his oblique and unique gaze.


Marni is a counter-current brand that does not speak to the mass, but rather to a niche. A brand which, without the use of shameless marketing has managed to establish itself worldwide thanks solely to its strong identity.