Palm Angels

Palm Angels


It’s funny to think how a photographic project, born for personal interest, can become, in just one year, one of the most googled fashion brand of these days. And yet, more or less, this is how the story of Palm Angels goes.


One upon a time a young talent named Francesco Ragazzi, after completed its studies at the IED in Milan, has been selected for an internship at Moncler. The internship lasts 10 years and he covered the most prestigious role, the Creative Director.


Francesco learns a lot from the big maestros but he feels that the moment to set aside what he learnt and to focus on things he was always fascinated on, as the american culture, has arrived. So he decides to leave for a long journey in USA, in which he takes pictures to the most infuent skater’s communities and he remains deeply impressed by their lifestyle.


So the idea to collect all this photographic material in a book entitled Palm Angels was born, with black and white pics and a preface signed Pharrell Williams. The book, edited by Rizzoli, has a great success, images become viral and Francesco senses the power of that raw aesthetic without constraints. He decides to strenghten it and to launch, in 2015, a collection of t-shirts and sweatshirts inspired to those blond haired skaters who smoke hashish and ignore the fact to be the protagonists of the new concept of streetwear.


The relationship established between the brand and its young clients it’s what matters more for Ragazzi. Collections are launched on social media and small previews are uploaded by the designer himself, who’s able to break down all boundaries in terms of communication.


Furthermore, the attention to materials and packaging, entirely made in Italy, is a prerogative for the designer, who deeply cares about the fusion between distant worlds and sees cultural contamination as an inexhaustible source of style. The show is perhaps the most important moment to fully express the journey behind each collection. The soundtrack becomes the key in order to read and decode the ispiration mood. Indeed, at each event, anyone is literally catapulted into a made-to-measure uni-verse created for spectators who can only be carried away by the energetic vibes and enjoy the final.


And they lived happily ever after in their branded Palm Angels’ tracksuits.