Fashion system has been Ambush-ed by two eclectic minds that come from the music world instead than the design one. In few time they made people talking about them and being fought by giants of fashion industry such as Nike and Off-White.


An old friendship and a shared aesthetic feeling connect the korean DJ Yoon Ahn and the rapper Verbal. In 2008 they became the talk of the town in a naive and unexpected way thanks to their jewellery collection expecially Chains and pow! rings worn by Kanye West and Pharrell Williams. In 2015 the duo introduced the Ambush clothing collection, closing the loop; a perfect mix of streetstyle fashion and pure oriental design, all shakered with deconstruction, layering and color.


The brand become popular on social media and it’s finalist at LVMH prize in 2017, the next year they debut with a presentation at the Amazon fashion week in Tokyo. In 2018 Kim Jones, who is in charge at Dior Homme, wants Yoon as accessory designer granting an enhanced visibility to the brand of which the girl is co-founder.


This media coverage is enriched by a series of co-branding in which Ambush is involved since the beginning, among which Nike, Off-White, Gentle Monster and Converse.


Ambush collection are a sub-culture and pure design blending, with a loose shape and aesthetic references to Tokyo street style.