“Large path” is the litteraly translation of the hawaian wird Alanui. The name perfectly match what the brand Alanui made real in 2016: A unisex fringed maxi cardigan, a souvenir from a travel abroad, an iconic brand which conquered everybody.


Alanui is a brand born in 2016 thanks to the mind of the siblins Nicolò and Carlotta Oddi. After a trip to Pasadena, Nicolò brought with him a vintage fringed cardigan with exotic prints, as a souvenir. He thought it had a cryptic potential that only his sister Carlotta, a stylist and Anna dello Russo’s assistant, could read. The Oddi siblins’ debut for the Alanui brand’s onset in the market begins with that souvenir: a capsule collection of oversize cashmere jaquard cardigan without buttons, with fringed hems and wearable in every season with their shapes and patterns that recall the American iconography. This initial experiment was enlarged and consolidate with the introduction of new product cathgories like dresses and trousers to complete the look.


Alanui has a concious placement in luxury system declaring that: each entirely Made in Italy cardigan requires 15 hours of production. This, beside explaining the price, shows what the duo wants to comunicate, i.e., investing in craftmenship and in what lasts in time. The union between exotic and Made in Italy production capture right away buyers’ attention, and just a year after the brand’s launch, the interest of NGG group which owns it for a minority stake.


The large path, or the Alanui, took place in few seasons thanks to its young founders’ talent. They transformed travelling in a primary source of research and inspiration, giving prestige to far cultures’ aesthetic and enhancing it with the great italian craftmenship.