The philosophy of the footwear brand Xocoi was born, grows and develops on three fundamental pillars: Comfort, style and sustainability.


Of Italian origins, Venetian to be exact, Xocoi brand offers basic shoes such as clogs and booties, with an eclectic and minimal style.


The creative process of Xocoi starts from a colorful and fun imaginary that takes shape thanks to industrial systems, returning to us shoes with an innovative design made of eco-friendly materials, in order to create recognizable accessories that define the personality of those who wear them in their everyday life. The creative team of Xocoi turns its gaze to current fashion, but at the same time it keeps away from it, because the collections should not reflect the designer tastes, but it should create a neutral product, enriched and completes by the consumer with her personal style.


According to this philosophy, Xocoi Icon clogs collection was born, offering a different and inviting color chart ranging from basic black to pastel colors.


Xocoi therefore represents another operational signal in support of a sustainable future, in which the consumption of the present is exercised with an awareness of tomorrow.