Yume Yume



YUMEYUME is the japanese word for “Dream” , the brand combine japanese silhouettes to a futuristic aesthetic based on comfort and cruelty-free vegan materials.


Founded in Amsterdam in 2018 by Eva Krosten and Dave Hendriks’, this creative duo works on traditional japanese shapes and revolutionizes them with a modern approach, giving life to everyday comfortable footwear models for confident women free from conventional fashion’s standards.


YUME YUME collections present flip flops inspired by the japanese Getas, sandals, mules and slides, the last are a tribute to the shoes worn by carriers like the truck slipper. The focus on style and an ethic attention is in line with the lately incrising sustainable conciousness which is aiming the fashion world.

The designer duo keep an eye to all the material of their shoes, using italian vegan leather. Main materials are: recycled polyester, recycled nylon and recycled rubber. Production is based in Portugal.


Last, but not the least, concept behind the brand is an aesthetic message that the co-founders want to share to the customer. YUMEYUME brand is not a trend or a style shared by everybody. It is a brand dedicated to those who love theirself as they are and who don’t need a to follow a mass market rules.


YUME YUME is a project full of values and beliefs that go from the style to the materials and to to the aesthetic message that this unique accessories want to share.