Haus of Honey



Cork wedges with a dizzying height, but comfortable and with a 70ies twist. This is the latest market addiction signed by the brand HAUS OF HONEY, that soon succeed in the fashion system.


Founded by Stefano Miele in 2021, Haus of Honey is the result of a creative instinct he had since he was a child. Born and raised in the nice small town of Gaeta, his mother owned a shoes shop for 50 years. Living his life into the shop he watched women sitting on the couches and trying shoes on, many of them had a cork sole. It would be impossibile not to develop a sort of fetish for that world: So Haus of Honey was born, with a name that mix his passion for Bahaus and the english translation of his surname.


The style of his collections embrace a 70’s aesthetic for colors and psychedelic geometrie that emerge on cork wedges. Talking about cork as the main material for the brand, the designer chooses it for a question of sustainability, being a totally natural material, and as an homage to Salvatore Ferragamo who made a large use of cork due to the lack of raw materials during the italian autarchy. The attention on comfort is another pillar of Miele who remember what his mother used to say: “The client won’t come back, if the shoe is uncomfortable”.

Last but not least, another important point for the designer is inclusivity. Recently many brands embrice the no gender vision for what concerns clothes, but the thing is different when we talk about shoes. Stefano Miele guttly decides to produce wedge shoes up to size 45.


Haus of Honey summarizes the past – with 70ies inspirations – the present – using sustainable materials as cork – and the future – with inclusive shoes that can be worn by every gender.