To sip a cocktail with paper umbrella in an exclusive seaside resort sports club. This is the postcard that Casablanca would send to you at the end of summer, the brand which brings back the holiday’s clothing style marked by an effortless charme with a mediterranean aesthetic.


The Casablanca Paris project was born in 2018 from the mind of Charaf Tajer, maroccan by origins and parisian by adoption. The designer is also founder of the brand Pigalle and he cooperated with Virgil Abloh. The name of the brand is not only a tribute to the city where his parents met, lived and worked on their Atelier but also a recall to a no boundaries, esotic and adventurous place. This world and the designer’s life are impressed on Casablanca collections.


The studied and yet easy “so french” elegance matches with nord africa bright hues, and the all is gently touched by a vintage atmosphere. The shirt is the brand signature, exotic and luxurious prints on silk are iconic, and they are followed by sweatshirts, t-shirts and bermuda shorts. The 70s flavour silhouettes are oversize but with precise cuts, to continue and to fullfil the gap between streetwear and tailoring, the last is inspired by napolitan tradition, characterized by light construictions, unlined shoulders and short cuts. Watercolor prints are made by his team of collaborators, this element enhance the handmade and craftmanship side of Casablanca so beloved by its designer.


The Casablanca brand aesthetic doesn’t fit into streetwear context and it’s not a reinterpretation of it – as the designer wants to clarify – but it’s the symbol of a neoclassic style dominated by a suspended and timeless taste that doesn’t speak to a precise target but it engage all the people who embrace its spirit.