Yuzefi bags are dedicated to fashion addicted with an highly aesthetyc sensibility and curiosity for the world around them due to their their geometrical cuts, rich and bright colors and experimental design. 

Founder Naza Yousefi is an iranian designer. She was born in Tehran, when she was a child she designed dresses that her mother turned in real garments, letting this girl grown in an exciting and creative context, lifeblood of her future. 
After she graduated she mooved to London to study at the prestigious Central Saint Martin. Then she works with Christopher Kane and Richard Nicoll and thanks to them she developes a sophisticated and refined prêt-à-porter aesthetic. 
Her love for leathers begins when the stylist Sara Richardson ordered her a leather harnesses for an ID Magazine fashion shooting.  
This accessory was ordered from the main protagonists of the fashion business like Hedi Slimane, Steven Klein and Patti Wilson. 
Encouraged by this result and fashinated by the power of this material, in 2016 Naza fonde the brand YUZEFI
Architecture and, in particolar, the sculpting are the designer’s primary inspiration, that is why we find geometrical shapes with a minimal design and a strong attention on detail, as we can see from the refined chains and golden buckles.  
Yuzefi bags, as the designer wants, are a luxury accessories with an affordable price that permits to the customer to have either a seasonable and timeless item. 
Main ingredients of Yuzefi are an original design, deep values and surely a friendly price.