Studio Amelia



STUDIO AMELIA brand aim to a minimal and timeless style with a focus on quality and sustainability. The result is a versatile product which is wearable, accessible but not boring at all.


Emily Amelia Inglis graduated at the prestigious London School of Fashion, she immediately started to collaborate with private companies on brand management, expecially on growth strategy with a focus on all business aspects such as product, digital marketing and logistic. When she reached an high knowledge on corporate mechanisms she decide, in 2018, to found her own brand STUDIO AMELIA, based in Sidney, Australia.

The creations of the products began with a market reaserch on emerging brands of the moment. After this close study, the designer comes to the conclusion that, recently, the offer was characterized by a dual choice: to much basic products vs pure avant-garde collections. So her goal was to place her brand in the middle of it: She proposes a minimalistic and apparently basic offer, full of added values to guide the customers on a wise and conscious purchase. So the firsts Studio Amelia bags and shoes collections were born, characterized by an ageless style, comfort and a strong care for materials and sustainability. Emily Amelia Inglis always controls the production levels to avoid exedences and to reduce environment impact, choosing companies that works only on small quantities instead on massive productions. Same ethic choice for materials, choosing vegan-friendly leather since the beginning.


Studio Amelia bags and shoes are the result of a studied path and the collections are consciously created. The evidence of it is the quick growth of the brand that reached, in few seasons, a huge hype and the appreciations of celebrieties and worldwide clients.