Proenza Schouler White Label



Proenza Schouler White Label is dedicated to the contemporary woman who lives the frenetic city life. Essentials and geometrical Tote bags, characterized by simple palette and eye-catching color block.


Lorenzo Hernandez and Jack McCallought met each other by chance at New York Parson’s fashion school. They began a deep and unbreakable friendship. In 2002 at 21 years old they fuonded the Proenza Schouler brand, a name in honor of their mothers' unmarried surname.


Their style is inspired by couture, characterized by tailor tradition and mixed up with modern and urban art inputs and elements which come from america sportswear. Due to the increase on turnover, many holdings were interested in investing in Proenza Schouler, like Valentino Fashion Group which bought a 45% stakes of the brand. In 2018 the duo regain the total possession of the brand and invited private minor investors with the premise of give them the full trust in their way to control the corporate.


Thanks to this introduction the CEO Koy Hong pointed out the possibility to cover with their talent an interesting and empty market niche. From this intuition PROENZA SCHOULER WHITE LABEL, a daily collection, was born. The thought that leads to this decision wa that the two designers were young and lived in a period when the heels were higher and dresses and accessories were worn just in special occasions. But women changed and so did their necessity in terms of fashion. We have metropolitan women, who work, move quickly during the day and live their life to the fullest. That is why accessories, expecially Proenza Schouler White Label bags, are large, minimal, and with basic palette. White, black or caramel leather is geometricaly mixed to return an urban chic taste.


Proenza Schouler brand is the symbol of how a brand should grow and evolve together with its direction and having an eye and a sensibility on time and world changes.