“God Can’t destroy streetwear” is the acronym behind GCDS brand, that since 2015 led to success a streetwear style with a quirky pop touch full of colour.


The GCDS brand was born in 2015 from the creative mind of two Neapolitan origin’s brothers Giordano and Giuliano Calza.

Giordano and Giuliano were born in a very wealthy family, but due to parents’will they grew up in one of the city’s roughest and most central neighborhood, Sanità district, that allowed them to approach a completely different reality.


Once completing their studies, Giordano in the economics field and Giuliano in political sciences, they decided to leave Italy and move to Shanghai, where they opened “My little kitchen”, a chain restaurant. In this framework Giordano managed business and finances, meanwhile Giuliano took care of creative side, by designing employees’ uniforms.


Thanks to this background Giuliano decided to launch a new fashion brand. After producing a small collection of branded printed sweatshirts, they decided to come back to Italy and base GCDS brand in Milan.


GCDS clothing features main streetwear category as sweatshirts, t-shirt and maxi-logo jumpers. All garments have a common thread: pop vibes, bright colors and manga aesthetics, so loved by Millenial and Gen Z.


Over the last few years GCDS brand has managed to expand its offer with menswear, womanswear and kidswear (boy and girl).

Celebs and influncers (including Chiara Ferragni) gave immediately their support to the brand, by helping these two brothers to promptly establish themselves.


This project nowadays represents a leading name in streetwear scene.