44 Label Group



The scenario of Berlin’s clubs, with their techno punk sub culture, creates the conditions to the birth of what was tought as merch for fans and then became a brand: 44 Label Group, after the meeting between dj Max Kobosil and Claudio Antonioli, patron of fashion.


Max Kobosil was born in Germany and he grew up in the multicultural neighbourhood of Neukölln, postal code 44 indeed. He frequented Berlin’s night life, he left the studies to dedicate himself to its passion for Djing becoming, in few time, resident dj of one of the most famous Berlin’s club of the world: The Barghain. This club not only represents the place where techno music trends born, but also a lifestyle, a well-known social group and a way to be.


In 2018 Max Kobosil decides to produce a dedicated merch for his friends and fans. The result was unexpected, quick and extraordinary. What shoud have been the productions of few items turns out the object of desire for those who under stand the sacrality of that environment. In 2020 Claudio Antonioli, founder of the lucky NGG – sold to Farfetch – and passionated night life viveur, decided to support Max Kobosil’s project making 44 Label Group a brand that debuted at Milan Fashion Week in September 2021.


44 LABEL GROUP selects garments which symbolize the democatic clothing used as an expression of self from the community and clubbing subcultures such as oversize t-shirts, jersey bermuda shorts and sweatshirts. This mostly monocromathic garments are eriche with prints and contrasting logo. This luxury streetwear contenitor is also sensible to the sustainability theme prefering high quality to climate impact.


44 LABEL GROUP collections trasmit comfort and freedom, main ingredients to dance all night long.