Part of Alexander McQueen Maison, MCQ is the first of its kind, a creative platform with its own identity: a label that is also an ever-evolving collective, which radically accredits all its voices.


Seasons no longer mark the traditional calendar and each Icon is designed within cycles with a cadence divided into 4 capsule collections called Icon. Each of these is created by a collective of young artists, with different nationalities and professions that change with every drop. The project focuses on freedom of creative expression and unlike other brands, the figure of the creative director extends to the entire team.


Digital innovation is the key to better understanding this project and is inserted directly into the product. In fact, all the garments have a label, identifying the collection to which they belong and thanks to the NFC technology it is possible to obtain the origin and authenticity of the items. Also through the label it is possible to register on MyMCQ which combines social media with the collector's archive, a place where you meet and share your global gaze and allows you to access digital content created by the community of creatives. The goal of the portal is also to extend the life cycle of each garment, in fact users in possession of an MCQ garment can access the digital wardrobe and resell it to others.


Even the packaging in end-to-end form is designed to reduce packaging waste and the product is delivered to the final consumer in the same way whether it is an online purchase or at a physical store.


MCQ’s ingredients such as the sustainability and the use of technology, are the mirror of a generation Z that is always connected.